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Omega Psi Phi - Car Seat Cover - Line - Set of 2

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We are thrilled to present you with this exquisite pair of car seat covers, specifically made for the drivers and passenger side seats in any standard vehicle. The highlight of these car seat covers is their captivating front design, featuring vibrant shades of crimson and cream, accentuated by the detailed full color of a coat of arms symbol. Acting as the perfect contrast, the sides and back are colored in a distinct, glossy black.

The back of the car seat covers showcase an adaptable quality, as they are elastic and fitted with adjustable elastic straps, ensuring a secure, comfortable positioning. Each seat cover is a representation of our distinct and original designs, showcasing our exceptionality and uniqueness. All our designs are exclusively our own creations, crafted with precision and dedication to cater to your unique tastes. The dimensions of each seat cover measure an impressive 52 inches in height and 19 inches in width. Furthermore, they have been designed to be easily cleaned; a simple hand wash and flat drying will preserve their vibrancy and structure.

As official vendors of Omega Psi Phi, we pride ourselves on offering a continually expanding collection of designs. This provides our customers with an extensive range, along with the added confidence of purchasing from a company that has completed the necessary due diligence. Our seat covers are crafted from moisture-wicking polyester spandex fabric, designed for maximum breathability and comfort. Moreover, it dries quickly when exposed to moisture and effectively shields your car seats from dust and harmful UV rays.

In terms of quality, we employ a robust, 180 gsm polyester/spandex fabric. It strikes the perfect balance between the weight of performance athletic fabric and that of a sweatshirt. It's neither too thin nor too thick - just the right weight and texture to counter flimsiness without being overly heavy.

EXQUISITE OMEGA PSI PHI GIFTS: This is a uniquely original item, consciously designed with originality at its core. Every design we craft is distinctively our own, meticulously created to cater specifically to your individual needs and preferences. The dimensions of our product are generous, MEASURING 52 inches in height and 19 inches in width.

VIBRANT COLOR: The key to the striking color of our products is our use of dye sublimation. This is an enduring decoration technique that fuses the print deeply into the fabric. The result is a resistant and resilient product that will withstand the test of time. It will not fade, crack, or peel, even with frequent washes. Impressively, the vibrancy of the print will remain as radiant as the first day you wore it.

QUALITY MATERIALS: We have chosen to utilize a solid, 180 gsm polyester/spandex fabric. The texture of this fabric is intentionally designed to strike a balance between the thickness of standard performance athletic fabric and the lightness of a regular sweatshirt. Our primary aim was to create a product with a weighty feel to ensure it does not appear flimsy, yet maintain a thickness that does not make it overly heavy.

VERSATILE FABRIC: Our products are crafted from a specially blended polyester-spandex fabric. This choice of material is not random but intended for its moisture-wicking capability, which allows the fabric to stay breathable, soft, and comfortable. It also has a keen ability to dry quickly when it comes into contact with water or sweat. More than just comfort, this fabric will extend its protection to your car seats, acting as a shield against dust and harmful UV rays.

OFFICIAL VENDOR: We take immense pride in being Official Vendors of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Our dedicated team offers you an ever-expanding array of designs, assuring that there is always something that will catch your eye. Our commitment to due diligence guarantees that you can place your trust in our company, and make your purchases with absolute confidence.