Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: We sell a combination of in-stock items and made-to order items. On each product page, we specify the time from order to shipping date. If you order both in stock and made to order items in the same order, you’ll most likely receive your items in separate shipments.

Q: Can I personalize an item?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We have two types of common requests: someone wants to make a slight change to an existing design, such as adding a name, line number or other detail. The other is when someone requests a completely different design. We have two graphic designers and can complete minor changes within 1-2 business days. Custom designs can take up to a week to finalize, as we go back and forth to ensure we can create what you have in mind . Customized/personalized items are non-returnable.

Q: Why are so many items made-to-order?

A: We started this website at the onset of the pandemic. Initially we had plans to produce and stock collections, but the supply chain and logistics issues thwarted that plan. What came from that was something that we are incredibly proud of: building a network of top-tier production partners so that we can offer a large variety of options.

But that comes with a trade-off, and that’s time.

Some of our designs really resonate, some of them do not, and when they don’t work, it’s a huge relief that we’re not sitting on stock. Once we see sales traction for a design or product, we do stock inventory. But providing made to order provides us with an extreme amount of design flexibility.

Q: Can you expedite production of my order?

A: Sometimes. Just ask us. The lasting impact of the pandemic on supply chains and logistics changes constantly, but our Production Manager can let you know if we have the ability to expedite production of an item.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: We are officially licensed for every organization we represent on our website.